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Mental Health

We believe that we are not meant to live life on our own. Being able to share with others, to give and to receive, to talk as well as listen and to come alongside others individually and in community is vital to our physical and mental well-being

The Meeting Place

The Meeting Place is all about people and people in community. Seeking help; Helping each other; Coming together in the hope of a better future with friends around you, supporting you; loving you

Why not drop in and check it out over free coffee and a biscuits?

Think of Yourself

“Think of Yourself” aims to help with awareness and reduce the stigma attached to mental health and addiction issues by providing indoor [and outdoor] activity sessions with a listening ear and a supportive community.

Roots Recovery

If you want help getting into and staying in recovery,

why don't you call in and see us at Roots.

You will find like-minded people and one to one help.

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