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Roots Recovery

Turning to other activities that help us escape our situation, dull our pain or alleviate our feelings of resentment or inadequacy is a common response but the addiction that can stem from this can be very destructive to ourselves and to others


Roots Recovery seeks to help those in the community who are struggling with addiction and who want to change their life. 

Roots Meeting Place (with Breakfast)

Open Mon, Wed and Fri mornings, Roots Meeting Place is somewhere that you can make and catch up with friends who are on a similar Recovery Journey to you.

The morning starts with Recovery Breakfast where we can hear testimonies and share experiences over breakfast. 

This is followed by the Meeting Place where the coffee is always on and the biscuits always plentiful . This is the place for those in recovery to meet with others who are on the same journey and to exchange views and opinions in support of one another.


In addition, multiple activities start from, or happen in, the meeting place. Pool, Table Tennis, Table Football, Weight Workouts are just some of the things that are on offer. We also organise bike rides and walks from the centre.

Roots Mentors

We are not meant to do life on our own. The success of our recovery depends on letting people help us. A Roots Mentor is there to support you in your Recovery Journey


Group support is great and friendships built in the meeting place will be invaluable but there will be times when you just want to talk one to one with someone who has been down the road before you. Someone who knows how you feel and knows where to find the help you will need.

A Roots mentor can be that person. Not only will they have life experience but they will also be specifically trained in all aspects of the Recovery Journey

Roots Recovery Courses

Throughout the year Roots runs a number of finite courses. each lasting between 6 and 15 weeks. Some are based on the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous, others on a cognitive approach to recovery and still others on how to manage our well-being and prevent relapse. All the courses are aimed at  providing practical insight and support to help both men and women on the path to freedom from the grip of addiction.

Roots Recovery Programme

The Recovery Journey is long and complex. From Detox, through to Rehabilitation and on to integration into a new community, requires planning and support. ​Roots has access medically trained people who can help you both plan and execute on that journey 

Whether you are still using or already in recovery we are here to help you with the journey. We can arrange a medical assessment, help you plan and execute a detox, refer you into rehab and help you assimilate back into the community.


Our staff are trained to help you create your own individual recovery plan and support you on all stages of the journey.

Roots partners with Keys Community Detox for its training and medical backup

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