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People's Stories

Some of those who have sought help through The Edge Centre


Andy's Testimony

Just over 2 years ago I walked into The Edge Centre to attend Roots Recovery. I was a cocaine user, in trouble with the police and in need of Help. What I did not know then, was that my poor mental health was making the problem worse. 

The people at Roots came alongside me and worked with me to navigate a recovery journey. 

A journey which has included counselling to get my head straight, money advice to resolve my debt issues, volunteering which led to full employment and advice that resulted in me being drug free for more than 2 years.


Phil's testimony

We are With You the Drug and Alcohol treatment centre in Darlington introduced me to Roots at the Edge Centre, and I can’t tell you just how much that changed my recovery.  From the time I first walked in and met the staff and all the others I felt life change for the better.

Now I had help from all sides, groups to attend and a new set of people around me who understood what I was going through and loved me none the less. The combination of We are with you, Roots and the Basement saved my life.


Space for your Testimony

Do you have a Testimony about your experience of attending an activity at the edge Centre. Let us know and we can put it up here. It can have your first name against it or be completely anonymous.

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